A visual front-end for PHPUnit



The command line is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it has its shortcomings - some of which become painfully obvious when one tries to run Sebastian Bergmann's PHPUnit against a suite of PHP unit tests.

Admittedly, all the information you need is right there. But what if you want...

  • a visual representation of your test results?
  • the ability to archive these visual representations?
  • the ability to track your test progress over time?

Enter VisualPHPUnit. Aimed at being the definitive unit test management system for PHPUnit, it provides an elegant solution to the above demands. VPU also features:

  • A stunning front-end which organizes test and suite results
  • The ability to view unit testing progress via graphs
  • An option to maintain a history of unit test results through the use of snapshots
  • Enumeration of PHPUnit statistics and messages
  • Convenient display of any debug messages written within unit tests
  • Sandboxing of PHP errors
  • The ability to generate test results from both a browser and the command line